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Frequently Asked Questions

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State of New Jersey - FAQs. Business Opening, Expansion, Registration, Taxes, Licenses, Corporations, Closing; Consumer Complaints, Lemon Laws, Unclaimed Property ...

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Frequently Asked Questions - Government of New Jersey

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May a worker collect Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) benefits if he/she is injured on the job ? I am an employer and one of my employees just reported a work-related injury to me. Do I have to report this to the State? I do not like the doctor to whom I was referred by my employer’s insurance company.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Government of New Jersey

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A High Poverty Area is a Census tract, a set of contiguous Census tracts, Indian Reservation, tribal land, or Native Alaskan Village or county that has a poverty rate of at least 25 percent (the Final Rules changed the percentage from 30 to 25) as set every 5 years using American Community Survey 5-Year data.(20 CFR 681.260).For the purposes of WIOA Youth program eligibility determination, the ...

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Government Records Council (GRC) | Frequently Asked …

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Frequently Asked Questions The list of frequently asked questions below will help records requestors understand some of the most common issues regarding the Open Public Records Act. If you do not find the answer to your question on this page please contact the GRC directly and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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Wage and Hour Compliance | Frequently Asked Questions …

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) The State of NJ site may contain optional links, information, services and/or content from other websites operated by third parties that are provided as a convenience, such as Google™ Translate.

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Road Forward Frequently Asked Questions

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Apr 28, 2021  · Road Forward Frequently Asked Questions. Student Health Screenings (updated 4/28/2021) Clarifying Expectations for Students with Disabilities (updated 11/12) Student Attendance in Remote Learning Environments for the 2020-2021 School Year. Immunizations. Remote Learning Monitoring. Face Coverings.

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NJ DOS - Division of Elections - Frequently Asked Questions

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Oct 28, 2021  · Frequently Asked Questions; Frequently Asked Questions. About the November 2, 2021 General Election. DOWNLOAD: Download a printable version of the FAQs . Voting Options for the General Election. How can I vote in this General Election 2021? You may: Apply for a vote-by-mail ballot and return it one of the following ways:

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Questions and Answers on Immunization Regulations ...

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Questions and Answers on Immunization Regulations Pertaining to Children Attending School/ Higher Education . Frequently Asked Questions . New/updated questions are highlighted in yellow. Please note that throughout this document, we will be referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the CDC and the Advisory

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Division of Unemployment Insurance | Frequently Asked ...

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FAQs for Workers. COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits. Federal and State Extended Unemployment Benefits. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Health and Safety During COVID-19. FAQs for Businesses. Information for Working Parents and Caregivers. Additional Resources and Support. File or Access Your Claim.

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The Official Web Site for The State of New Jersey

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Frequently Asked Questions. Where is the most recent TCN (Previously PCN) found? The most recent TCN for newly fingerprinted applicants can be retrieved by going to IdentoGo’s website at: https://uenroll.identogo.comClick the link for Check the Status of your Service

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FAQs - Government of New Jersey

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Frequently Asked Questions. The Commission’s regulations, in part, define a “major project” as any project in Commission Review B that results in the cumulative coverage since January 11, 1980, of one quarter acre of land with impervious surface.

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Contaminants of Emerging Concern Frequently Asked ...

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Frequently Asked Questions (version August 5, 2021) EVALUATION . When do hazardous substance discharges have to be reported and why? Pursuant to the Spill Compensation and Control Act (N.J.S.A.58:10-23.11b) a “Discharge” is defined as “any intentional or unintentional action or omission resulting in the releasing, spilling, leaking, pumping,

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Division of Temporary Disability and Family Leave ...

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ: Family Leave Insurance Family Leave Insurance provides New Jersey workers cash benefits for up to twelve weeks to bond with a newborn or newly placed adoptive, or foster child, or to provide care for a seriously ill (including COVID-19) or injured loved one.

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Becoming a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor ...

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the LCADC/CADC Process NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, DIVISION OF MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION SERVICES This document was created to assist individuals who are interested in becoming an LCADC or CADC and is based on the

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Public Notification & Outreach Frequently Asked Questions ...

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See question 31 below for information relevant to off-site ground water contamination and when preparation and distribution of a Classification Exception Area/Well Restriction Area Fact Sheet form is required. Back to the Questions

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NJ Division of Purchase and Property - FAQ

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Nov 16, 2021  · Home; Purchase and Property - NJ State FAQ NJ START Frequently Asked Questions NJSTART Terminology. The terms used in NJSTART are confusing, what do they mean? Below is a crosswalk of terms used in the NJSTART eProcurement System, with those terms Vendors may be familiar with from the State's legacy procurement system and those terms commonly used in New …

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NJ Division of Taxation - Homestead Benefit Program ...

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Frequently Asked Questions; Frequently Asked Questions How to File. How do I get an Identification Number and PIN so I can file my Homestead Benefit application? If you have not received filing information in the mail or an email from us, check the application mailing schedule.

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If you have questions about when it is safe to return to the workplace, please contact the DCF Office of Human Resources at DCFhumres@dcf.nj.gov Are you fully vaccinated AND/OR have you recovered from a documented COVID-19 infection in the last 3 months? To be considered fully vaccinated, you must be ≥2 weeks following receipt of the second

URL: https://www.nj.gov/dcf/news/DCF-Visitor-Screening-Questions-10.20.21.pdf Go now

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Bureau of Stationary Sources - RADIUS Frequently Asked ...

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Answer: 1. RADIUS Software: Use the latest version of RADIUS to submit your application. Check the Department's RADIUS web site for software upgrades, reference table patches, electronic help files and instructions, and a new section with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 2.

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State of NJ - Department of the Treasury - Division of ...

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Department of the Treasury Division of Taxation PO Box 281 Trenton, NJ 08695-0281

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State of New Jersey

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Mar 26, 2021  · This document contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address some of the substantial issues, concerns, and situations that will arise for law enforcement as we all strive to understand, implement, and apply the new cannabis legalization and marijuana decriminalization laws.

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State of New Jersey

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Apr 22, 2021  · FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS CONCERNING RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER PERMITS TO CARRY FIREARMS AND THE FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SAFETY ACT OF 2004 (LEOSA) 1. Definitions For purposes of this FAQ, the terms below are defined as follows: Retired Law Enforcement Officer or “RLEO”: An individual who has retired or separated from …

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Office of Direct ...

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Office of Direct Billing and Cost Recovery (10/17/07) Alternate Format: Adobe Acrobat [pdf 39 Kb] Questions. I don’t understand the invoice I received, what do all the various pages, rows and columns mean?; Why did I receive a bill (invoice) when…?

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LFN 2021-17

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questions), Best Practices (8 questions), and Unscored Survey (21 questions). Four unscored survey questions are divided into multiple subparts to facilitate data tabulation. The Division has introduced a total of three (3) new scored questions to the 2021 Inventory. Each municipality

URL: https://www.nj.gov/dca/divisions/dlgs/lfns/21/2021-17.pdf Go now

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Department of Health | Environmental Health | Frequently ...

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Jun 15, 2015  · Environmental public health tracking (sometimes known as EPHT or Tracking) is the ongoing collection, integration, analysis, and interpretation of data about environmental hazards, exposure to environmental hazards, and adverse health outcomes potentially related to exposure to environmental hazards.

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Are people with hyper/overly active immune systems, such ...

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Feb 10, 2020  · Call (Medical COVID-19 Questions): 1-800-962-1253 (24/7) Medical Information from healthcare professionals on symptoms, when to seek medical attention, and proper steps to take if exposed to COVID-19.

URL: https://covid19.nj.gov/faqs/coronavirus... Go now

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NJ Volunteer Angler Survey Frequently Asked Questions

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Mar 11, 2021  · NJ Volunteer Angler Survey Frequently Asked Questions. The Division of Fish and Wildlife is aware many concerned sportsmen and women have questions about recreational outdoor opportunities during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Rumors are easily circulated within communities during a crisis and therefore, we want to provide an ...

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Directions for COVID-19 Quiz Game - NJ

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help you keep track of the questions you already used. 8. Total the points for each team to see who won! If it is not possible to play the game via PowerPoint, consider using some of the questions and answers for newsletters, social media, or email communications. COVID …

URL: https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/documents/topics/NCOV/... Go now

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Boating Safety Certificate | Frequently Asked Questions ...

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Boating Safety Certificate Frequently Asked Questions. Q1: How can I get a replacement New Jersey boating safety certificate? A1: The Marine Services Bureau cannot replace Boating Safety Certificates over the phone. All requests for replacement must be E …

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What are frequently asked questions (FAQ)?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What is the Wage Theft Prevention Act? A: A new law, effective January 1, 2012 which gives greater protection to workers, and makes changes in the way workers are ... Who is covered by the law? A: All private sector employers are covered unless there is a specified exception. ... What does the law require? ... What if a worker's primary language is not English? ... More items...

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frequently asked questions(Noun) An online document containing a list of the questions most often asked about a particular subject, together with answers.

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How to Ask the Right Question in the Right WayAvoid asking rhetorical questions. A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question. ...Ask friendly, clarifying questions. A good question lets you better understand the situation, and this requires not putting people on the defensive.Don't set traps. ...Ask open-ended questions. ...Be grateful. ...Avoid stress. ...Avoid being too direct. ... More items...